Remember in the 90s when electronic music was poised to take over the world? Groups like Portishead, Chemical Brothers, and Olive were doing something so innovative it seemed techno and trip-hop would become the new norm. Well, it didn't really work out that way. Among some of these innovative artists was a duo from Liverpool called Mulu made up of producer Alan Edmunds and singer Laura Campbell. The two only released one album called Smiles Like a Shark in 1997 that featured excellent singles like "Desire," "Filmstar," and one of the greatest singles of the 90s, "Pussycat." Unfortunately, they never got a chance to release that second album. Today they lead pretty normal lives, but occasionally pursue their musical urges, thankfully. This conversation is fun because we start out trying to tell the Mulu story, but mostly end up talking about our favorite music and the many artists they met during their time in the game. We hope you discover some new songs to make you happy and check out the link below to go deeper.