This week is the big 3-0-0! 

Aldo Nova's career is an example of tenacity. He stormed out of the gates in 1982 with the self-titled debut and the huge hit "Fantasy" selling a couple million copies in the process. He eventually delivered the follow up, Subject... Aldo Nova, which was equally as strong, but did not move the same units and for the next 10 years he was forced to play catch up, including collaborations with Jon Bon Jovi, and loads of label interference that stifled his vision. Luckily, at a time when he could have been at his lowest, he pivoted into writing for other people, people you wouldn't expect like Clay Aiken and Celine Dion (who won him a Grammy). Here we talk about how his Italian family got to Montreal, his pioneering ways mixing heavy guitars with synths, the many ups and downs and his excellent new project - The Life and Times of Eddie Gage. Enjoy!