Last year, Lush lead singer Miki Berenyi released one of the greatest memoirs ever written by a rock star, of which there are many. She grew up in the UK with a Hungarian dad and a Japanese mom who soon divorced with her mom becoming an actress and moving to Hollywood, while her dad remained a freelance writer living in relative squalor. Miki found her tribe in the local music scene which led to her and Emma Anderson forming Lush. After three solid albums and the tragic suicide of drummer Chris Acland, the band called it quits. Miki retells all of this in amazing detail in Fingers Crossed in 2022 as well as touring with Lollapalooza, working with Robin Guthrie, her new band Piroshka, and the inherent drama (sex, drugs and rock and roll) that come with being in a band. I can't recommend this book highly enough and this conversation is a revelation. Enjoy!