The JBP kicks off this episode discussing their weekends (11:57) which featured celebrating a number of birthday parties before the room turns their attention to the new music released last week as Ish addresses the Diddy & Cleo Sol projects (27:33). Drake has pushed back the release date for his album ‘For All The Dogs’ (37:22) while also receiving pushback from Halle Berry for using her photo to promote the ‘Slime You Out’ single (41:25). HBO has canceled ‘Winning Time’ after two seasons (59:06), Russell Brand has sexual assault allegations brought against him (1:06:10), and the gang recaps Colorado beating Colorado State (1:26:20). Coach Roy Johnson of Bishop Sycamore joins to talk about the HBO documentary ‘BS High’ (1:32:42), the ESPN game vs. IMG Academy (1:51:28), mistakes he made and whether he profited (2:20:20), and his future as a coach (2:29:43). Also, Geechi Gotti vs. Eazy The Block Captain took place on Chrome 23 over the weekend (2:50:20), Joe explains the interview process with certain guests after receiving some backlash on X (2:58:52), + MORE! 

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Sleeper Picks: 

Joe | Diddy (feat. Swae Lee) - “Tough Love”

Ice | Fabolous - “Ain’t Nuthin Ta F*ck Wit”

Parks | Little Brother - “Wish Me Well”

Ish | Tone Stith - “Lonely”

Melyssa | Lola Consuelos - “Divine Timing”