The JBP welcomes back Drea & Lex of the ‘Pour Minds’ podcast as they begin with discussing the latest on the NFL’s infatuation with Taylor Swift and whether it's an actual partnership following the Chiefs/Jets game over the weekend (27:33). Jimmy Butler shows up to Miami Heat’s media day with a different look (49:50), Drea and Lex address women being transactional vs. being a freak (55:03), and Joe asks the room how they subscribe to regional grades and how they change after his recent comments about women in different cities (1:07:02). Also, JAY-Z is facing pushback for not freely giving money to family members (1:16:30), Kanye West disses several artists including Cardi B in which he called her an industry plant in leaked footage from a 2018 documentary (1:39:39), The Waffle House workers go on strike (2:07:41), Keefe D & Tupac (2:23:09), + MORE! 


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Sleeper Picks: 

Joe | Justin Timberlake - “Tunnel Vision”

Ice | Belly Gang Kushington - “Street Blues”

Parks | EARTHGANG & Spillage Village - “Flavors of Karma”

Ish | Kenyon Dixon (feat. RL) - “2000s R&B”

Melyssa | GoGo Morrow - “Don’t Stop”3