Once again, the music gods have put out so much great music these last few weeks that this month’s new release show has to be split into two episodes! This week includes glorious returns from Lydia Loveless, The Exbats, Martin Zellar, Jim Jones All Stars, and many more.

But we also have a wonderful, heartfelt tribute to the late Justine Covault. “Sister In Crime” by Jay Allen and The Archcriminals takes a look back at a fabulous artist and label owner who tragically passed away earlier this summer. “This song is dedicated to the memory and written for one of my dearest and closest friends of the last 40 years, Justine Covault”, Allen said in a statement. “She was an amazing woman, who meant a lot to so many people and we lost her way too soon. For me she was more than a friend, she was my most ardent supporter, not just in music, but in life, bandmate, roommate, and for the last 7 plus years my co-host along with Tom Baker in our monthly residency, The Mess-Around. Her impact on our little Rock ‘n’ Roll village here in Boston is immeasurable. Not just as an artist with her two bands, Justine and The Unclean and Justine’s Black Threads, but as a supporter, fan, promoter, and most importantly the founder of Red on Red Records, who in 3 short years created a multi-media home for many artists locally and from around the world.”

We also have a last minute inclusion in tonight’s show when it was announced that Ledge favorite Jeremy Porter and The Tucos have a new single coming out on October 28. The two track release is the tenth single in Jim Rinn’s series of Detroit covers singles, and includes a remake of “While You Spiral” by Detroit power poppers The Waxwings.

As for this week’s edition of “52 Weeks of Teenage Kicks”, it’s a recent bandcamp discovery of a single release by an Australian band called CrackWhore. The only info I could find about this band is from their bandcamp bio, “Dragged from the Collingwood sidewalk kicking and screaming, CrackWhore was (Still)Born 2002. Bred from the bowels of Melbourne, CrackWhore deliver nice and sleazy rock n roll.” Sounds great to me!

For more info, including setlists, head to http://scotthudson.blogspot.com