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TLMR 049 New Year Special

Everyone analyses the previous year and has expectations for the year ahead. Musicians are no different. I asked the guests to come back and talked about their year. Happy new year everyone.

The questions asked were:

  1. What is your biggest musical goa for the new year?
  2. What is your biggest music accomplishment of the last year?

Here are the guests of the podcast in order of appearance.

Jerry Smith( TLMR 026)
Drug of Choice (TLMR 003)
Psychedellica (TLMR 029)
Odonovan(TLMR 031)
Zion in Ruins (TLMR 016)
HeavyFoot (TLMR 001 and TLMR 002)
VXDEDXV ( TLMR 005 and TLMR 030)
Dr. Ink(TLMR 032)
Silo Cell(TLMR 033)
End Ovanera (TLMR 020)
Wayne Hamilton (TLMR 007)
The Architect(TBA)
Geoff Thurman (TLMR 008)
Chasing Absolem(TBA)
Jimmy Clip(TBA)
Saturn Descends(TBA)
Omery Rising(TBA)

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Theme written, performed and recorded by Ben of Silo Cell.
Theme used with permission from owner.

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