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In the history of blues based hard rock there is a tradition of bands playing great heavy rhythm riffs with catchy singable chorues. Bands like AC/DC and KISS come to mind but there are many others including this week's Bluesy Tuesday featured band; KIX.

Originally calling themselves Shooze and eventually changing their name to the Generators and ultimately, the hard rocking boys from Balitmore, KIX, garnered quite a reputation for themselves as one of Maryland's most exciting live bands, covering influences in the blues based hard rock format.

This year marks the thirtith aniversary of their smash album, Blow My Fuse and the band is celebrating by releasing a two disc special edition of their late eighties classic featuring a remixed and remaseterd version of the album by Beau Hill as well as an entire disc of demos that will give a fans a peek under the hood at how the songs evolved. Featured Loudini Artists: KIX