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In honor of this year's presidential election, the Loudini Rock & Roll Circus counts down Ten songs about natural and unnatural disasters.

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Riding the Storm Out... Richrath's love of booze, on a songwriting an boozing trip to the rockies

Rock you Like A Hurricane... sexual metaphor... also an actual hurricane theme song if you live on the gulf coast, rip off of "no one like you"

Gimme Shelter... caused Merry Clayton to have a miscarriage. Brian Jones was present butt didn't play. metaphor for his drug addiction
some of the "stormy " events that inpsired the song from that era: These are the previous years events in 1968 that led to this song.

The assassination of Senator Robert Kennedy

The Black Power salute by African American athletes at the Olympics

Student protests start the Polish political crisis

The Prague Spring. Election of a communist leader

Vietnam. The My Lai massacre and the start there of the Tet Offensive

Demonstration against the Vietnam war in London Grosvenor Square 91 injured

Student protest at Howard university Washington DC

French students occupy the admin building of Nanterre University almost bringing another French Revolution

Paris student riots

Black Panthers shootout with police in Oakland

Martin Luther king shot dead

German students blockade the Springer Press HQ

Columbia University students shut down the university

Andy Warhol shot by a feminist

African American militants engage in a shootout in Ohio

Biggest military invasion since WW2 into Czechoslovakia due to the Warsaw Pact

Anti war protesters clash with police in Chicago

Power to a military junta in Greece

Student demos in Mexico City end in a huge bloodbath

Military coup d’etat In Panama

Human rights demo in Derry Ireland

Highjack of Pam Am flight from JFK to Cuba

Israeli forces attack Beirut Airport
It's the end of the world as we know it... actually about debating

Riders on the Storm... influenced by the Ida Lupino film Hitch-hiker

When the Levee Breaks...

Nobody's Fault... Aerosmith... earth quake

Aenima... Tool.. about natural disaster

Bad Moon Rising... CCR

Never Go Back... Evanessence