We have told you that you need a funnel to filter fans into your world. You have set up an awesome funnel that sends people to your free offer, download or Facebook group, but then the obvious question becomes... How do I get people to my funnel in the first place? I'm glad you asked that! On today's podcast take a step back and show you the way that you need to think to start the process of generating traffic.

Topics Discussed:
traffic + conversions = CASH!
What's the foundation?
Get their attention
3 kinds of traffic:
paid...rented to go into your funnel
earned traffic... no paying for it directly gathered manually by hustling
know yourself... your resources... what works best for you
Owned... once you have them

Understand your market... your message... your avatar
Create a "deep connection" with the fans that you are trying to draw to you

"Piggy backing" off of trends

Looking for inspiration... what things are your audience interested in?

1 song per month
create memes for the song
performance video
lyric video
pieces of song and lyrics
"serialize" your music