My guest on the show today is Mike. Today Mike is the founder of a software startup called ChroneChards, but he started as a cartographer for an adventure race and Patagonia.

So he has come a long way.

A couple of other really interesting points about Mike.

He is a self-taught software developer and he is a self-taught businessman.

The reason why I mentioned this means that if he can teach himself these things, then you can do it too.

And as you'll discover later on in the episode, all you have to do is to get really, really comfortable with uncertainty.


You can connect with Mike here

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It's probably worth riffing on this idea of uncertainty just for a minute. 


I think this is one thing that we all have in common. There'll be something about our lives, professional or private that we are uncertain about. 

I've had the pleasure over the last three, four, or five years of talking with a few different people that have overcome a lot of uncertainty. 

People that are self-taught software developers like Mike, people that have started their own GIS geospatial consultancies, and build their own businesses around their skills, none of those people have overcome uncertainty.

None of those people are now immune to uncertainty!

They have simply learned to live with it. 

So as someone who has experienced and continues to experience a lot of uncertainty, these stories have really helped me they've really had a positive impact. It's been great to know that other people go through this too. 

So here are some links to those episodes and hopefully, they will inspire you as well. 

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