Storytelling with point clouds


This is not your typical point clouds episode! Today we are talking about how to use point clouds to tell a story. During this episode, you will hear Benjamin Muller talk about using a point cloud to make a film about the city of St Gallen in Switzerland and you might be tempted to think … what a waste of time! Why not use the data to make better measurements that lead to better decisions? 

How many IT projects have failed, not because they were based on bad decisions but because they failed to get people to adopt the changes? 

The best decisions are meaningless unless they are adopted. 

So, how do we get people to change or adopt the change we are trying to make? 

I think the first thing to understand is that packaging matters! 

This episode is a case study into wrapping our ideas in a story and visualizing them using geospatial data.


Here is a link to the visualizations that were created using the point cloud data


You can take a look HxDR platform here


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