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Welcome to The Master's Metal Broadcast Episode 69: Brutal Christian Metal! This Week I present to you another 12 glorious tracks (60 minutes) of Brutal Christian Metal!

Earth From Above
In The Midst of Lions
I Built The Cross
Mirror of Dead Faces
From the Shallows
Blood Covenant
World to Ashes

Special appreciation this week goes out to Divine Metal Distro, Soundmass, Stikefirst Records, Facedown Records, Rowe Productions, Tribunal Records, Whirlwind Records, Open Grave Records, Creator Destructor Records, Bullroser Records, Union Extrema and Unsigned Artists!

Stay tuned afterward for a special message from Pastor Bob Beeman!

I hope you all enjoy this week's show! Be sure and continue sending those requests and feedback!

God Bless and Keep You!

David Garrison