Nick Kroll (The League, Fabrice Fabrice, Bobbie Bottleservice, name rhymes with "Rickroll") got heckled by a grip while auditioning for SNL. He didn't get the job. For this reason, you should feel bad for him and watch his one hour comedy special "Thank You Very Cool," premiering Saturday, January 29th at 10p ET on Comedy Central. Chris, Matt & Jonah were able to suspend a single muon in a makeshift particle accelerator and tear the very fabric of space-time. In the first timestream, these last three sentences didn't exist. They reached backwards through a charged portal and added them just to freak your brain out if you happening to be on strong drugs while reading this. Yes, you. I'M TALKING TO YOU. I'm sure the drugs have kicked in. Now waffle keyhole iron boot!

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