We know major chords make us feel happy, and minor chords make us feel sad. But beyond that, there is so much more to the composition of a song; it's a careful construction that can conjure up a variety of emotions, from anxiety to exuberance. So this episode, we're diving into the theory behind the songs we love and finding out what makes them so good from a technical perspective. 

We decided to do this topic after reading the following articles about music criticism and composition. Check them out:
Daily Beast article chastising the nature of music criticism
Slate article using music theory to deconstruct Katy Perry's Teenage Dream

Track list:

  1. “Don't Play With Guns” --  Black Angels, Indigo Meadow
  2. “Blue Moon” -- Beck, Morning Phase
  3.  “About to Die” -- Dirty Projectors, Swing Lo Magellan 
  4. “Birthday Song” -- Frankie Cosmos, Zentropy
  5. “Water Me” -- FKA twigs, EP2
  6. “Broken Heart” -- Dr. Dog, B-Room
  7. “Girlfriend” -- Ty Segall, Melted