Last episode, we played songs catchy and infectious enough to earn a spot on our Indie Song of Summer playlist. This week though, we're playing songs with structures and sounds a little too unique for summer pop, but just challenging enough to enjoy, from the appealing dissonance of Suuns to the curious and intense noises of Oneohtrix Point Never.  Track list:  1. "Byegone" -- Volcano Choir, Repave 2. "Birds" -- Death Grips, single 3. "Empty City" -- Dan Casey, Empty City   4. "A Lizard State" -- King Krule, 6 Feet Beneath The Moon 5.  "Golden Arrow" -- Darkside, Psychic 6.  "2020" -- Suuns, Images Du Futur  7. "Wayward Son" -- Zachary Cale, Blue Rider  8. "Problem Areas" -- Oneohtrix Point Never, R Plus Seven 9. "What Death Leaves Behind" -- Los Campesinos, No Blues 10."Anytime Soon" -- Andy Stott, Adult Swim Singles Program