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0:00 Verve - A New Decade
0:30 Liam clip and Vision - Shine On
1:00 JC Intro 
1:41 Liam interview US Radio 
3:09 JC interview with Richard Bowes @oasisdefinitive
6:50 Noel Gallagher - (It's Good) To Be Free, Live Teenage Cancer Trust 2010
10:05 Noel Gallagher Time Flies DVD Commentary
14:13 Beady Eye - Sons Of The Stage
21:08 Beady Eye - World Outside My Room
27:18 NGHFB - Champagne Supernova, Live Zenith 2015
32:56 Russel Brand intro to AKA What A Life video
42:33 Beady Eye - Cry Baby Cry
51:01 Oasis - Strange Thing
56:28 Revolution Song - Demo and NGHFB version solo comparison
1:01:56 Oasis - If We Shadows
1:07:08 Bonehead interview with the NME
1:16:15 Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds - Wandering Star 
1:17:08 JC ending and Patreon thanks
1:23:57 Oasis - Stay Young