Welcome back to the Oasis Podcast!

We are coming to Manchester! December 11th the Oasis Podcast Live returns, with performances from Oasis Supernova and James Hargreaves, plus memorabilia on display and special guests.

If you are a patron you can come along for free - just sign up at patreon.com/oasispod and let me know you are coming and I will put you on the guestlist. 

If you aren't a Patron, or you are and you need tickets for others then you can get them here - use Promo code SUPERNOVA for 20% off

Todays guests are =
James Hargreaves - subscribe to his YouTube channel
Ian Armstrong - follow Oasis Supernova - https://www.facebook.com/theoasissupernova 

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The episode also features music from Bobhowla - check them out here =



Also I am appearing live at the Savoy Theatre Monmouth with Alan McGee October 2nd - https://monmouth-savoy.co.uk/theatre/an-evening-with-alan-mcgee-26th-whats-the-story-morning-glory-anniversary/

Check out the video for our Oasis Podcast Patreon cover of Acquiesce! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPKG2OqEVNg

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