0.00 - Vision "Shine On" 0.56 Liam on Radio X, followed by "Wall of Glass" 1.33 JC intro including "Holy Mountain" announced 5.15 Liam Gallagher "Bold" 5.54 As You Were reviews - Michael Hartt (@whatamindblast)
12.03 Liam Gallagher "Greedy Soul" 12.33 Calvin Betton (@calvbetton) 26.04 Liam Gallagher "Paper Crown" 26.36 David Walker (@dave10supernova) 35.06 Liam Gallagher "For What Its Worth" 35.43 Grandpa Batman (@grandpabatman) 57.57 Liam Gallagher "When I'm In Need" 58.25 Aaron from Oas-is (@oasis_official) 1.28.28 Liam Gallagher "You Better Run" 1.29.06 Fraser McCallum (@frasemcc) 1.47.06 Liam Gallagher "I Get By" 1.47.38 JC wrap up 1.50.45 Liam Gallagher "Chinatown" 1.51.14 JC intro then story from Remy Wasyluk (@wasyluk) about meeting Noel 1.58.22 JC intro then The Difference "Suppose" https://song.link/gb/i/1291717737 (@thedifferencebd) 2.00.12 JC intro then Oasis "To Be Where There's Life" - Hazed remix https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=30wSOgk7xik 2.01.44 JC Best Of Oasis 2000s. - Side 1 1 "Fuckin' in the Bushes" 2 "Go Let It Out" 3 "The Hindu Times" 4 "Stop Crying Your Heart Out" 5 "Bag It Up" 6 "Gas Panic" Side 2 7 "The Turning" 8 "The Importance Of Being Idle" 9 "Let's All Make Believe" 10 "Falling Down" 11 "Born On A Different Cloud" 12 "Roll It Over" 2.09.30 JC outro, thanks to Patrons 2.10.46 Liam Gallagher "Come Back To Me" 2.11.16 Liam on Graham Norton