Welcome back to the Oasis Podcast! And now you can come and see the show live!!! 

Friday 17th May at the Water Rats in London - come and see me interview Tony McCarroll, plus live music and great tunes until 1am

Head to the below address to get tickets - and be quick because the capacity is only 200 and we are already halfway there


0:00 Liam message, plus Vision - Shine On

0:30 JC intro - live event announcement!

4:53 Oasis News - Live event in Glasgow with Brian Cannon, Clint Bonn & The Real People https://cottiers.com/events/oa2i5/

Tony McCarroll live in Dublin - https://www.sugarclubtickets.com/purchase/oasis-the-truth-with-tony-mccarroll

6:55 #OasisA2Z - Better Man. Message from Ryan Harvey @TheHarveyBoys

13:05 Your twitter responses

18:46 John Lennon - Well Well Well

19:50 JC song breakdown

21:31 Oasis - Better Man (Demo)/ Oasis - Better Man (album) ending comparison

26:02 Oasis - Better Man (Live Berlin Arena 2003)

27:30 Should it have been a b-side?

28:57 Oasis - Thank You For The Good Times

29:45 Message from @BritpopBanter Podcast

34:37 Message from Yonas Campbell re Definitely Maybe Reassembled

38:14 Oasis - Fade Away

42:30 Oasis - Columbia

44:30 Oasis - Listen Up/ Supersonic

47:46 Oasis - Slide Away

52:04 JC response to Yonas

54:03 iTunes reviews - thanks to PS Photography Dublin and CheerfulJamie

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