Timestamps: Skip intro – 2:30;  Contest Winner – 12:54;  Sitcoms – 17:50;  Looking Forward To – 1:19:38

This week Matt & Tiny (along with returning special guest Mike) discuss and dissect their favorite sitcoms. From Seinfeld, Wings and The Simpsons to The Office and How I Met Your Mother, the guys run the gamut on a sample of television’s most beloved genre. Yet, they leave with the promise of many more sitcom discussions.

This week’s episode also marks the conclusion of the first ever Obsessive Viewer Contest. The winning Theater Memory is read. But the guys urge you to still send in your memorable cinema stories

Show Notes:

The HIMYM clip featured in the episode is actually from season 4, not 3 as Matt said.

Here’s the link to the Wings DVD petition Matt referenced in the episode:http://www.petitiononline.com/WINGS/petition.html 

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