Indy PopCon has come to an end and we have a ton of recorded content for your enjoyment. In this second episode, we interviewed John Graham from FIGID Press and INDYpendent Show. He does a lot of great work to foster creativity in the Indianapolis area. The interview took place on Saturday, June 27th, 2015 at 12:00pm.

After the interview, you’ll find all of the interviews we conducted at our booth with people with podcasts, YouTube channels, books, and anything else to promote. We asked PopCon visitors this year what fictional character they would want to be or fictional universe they would want to be in. We got some fantastic responses.

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Runtime: 1:43:29


Direct Download Link:




Pre-Show Intro - 0:00

Show Start - 1:09


John Graham interview - 1:10


PopCon Booth Recordings - 49:40


Chad - The Secular Perspective - 51:11

Christina - Slykitsune on YouTube - 52:44

Pat - The Nerds You’re Looking For - 53:56

Sarah - Heartland Film - 57:22

Jonathan Wilson - Cloudy Sky Comics - 58:50

Brent Terhune - Comedian and Writer - 59:45

Chris - TheOshowott17 on YouTube - 1:00:45

Brizzy Voices - YouTube Channel - 1:01:58

Cesar - SKARA The Blade Remains - 1:03:13

Chris Spangle - We Are Libertarians - 1:04:19

Leilan & Spencer - The Obnoxious Optimist Podcast - 1:06:41

Danielle, Donya & Karen - Hypable Podcasts - 1:08:49

Chick McGee & Jess Hooker - Off the Air Podcast - 1:13:06

Alexander O’Riordan - Author of The Tall Poppy: Gods of Egypt - 1:14:04

Tom, Biafra, & Brady - Linear Radio - 1:17:25

Zachary - - 1:27:46

Tyler - The Nerds You’re Looking For - 1:29:46

Big Don & Josh - The Established Facts Podcast - 1:31:11

Matt & Shirley - The Nerd’s Domain - 1:35:17


Shocktober Outro and Subreddit Announcement - 1:39:00

Stinger - 1:41:06

Pre-Recorded Outro - 1:41:41


Show Notes - Shocktober in Irvington 2 is coming October 16th, 2015!


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