This week on the Brothel Cody invites Matt and guests Daniel and Austin into his dining room to discuss the outbreak of esports in the gaming community.  This subculture of video games has become prominent over the last few years, culminating in major international tournaments played in front of large crowds for millions of dollars.  Cody, Austin, and Daniel are all players and fans of the growing sport, whereas Matt has a very different viewpoint on the subject.

What We've Been Reading: Austin discusses Black Mirror and American Vampir, while Cody reviews Wicked and the Divine #2.  The guys also discuss the upcoming female Thor title.

Geek Movie of the Week: Devil's Pass, a found footage film about the Dyatlov Pass Incident, provokes a strong discussion of the paranormal, time travel, and flaming alcohol bloopers.  Shout out to the podcast Blurry Photos for a fascinating episode that prompted the watching of this film.