Get ready to step into the ring as we explore the electrifying tag team of professional wrestling and rock and roll in this episode of Prisoners of Rock and Roll. 

We’re going to take a look at the iconic rock and wrestling era of the late 80s, when the WWF superstars climbed out of the ring and picked up the mic to record TWO albums of them singing: 1985’s The Wrestling Album and 1987s Piledriver: The Wrestling Album II. And we’re going to talk about how Cyndi Lauper helped bring wrestling into the mainstream. 

Then we’re going to check out some iconic entrance music from wrestling history, and listen to some other albums that wrestlers have put out over the years. 

We’ve also got some weird stuff. Junk Yard Dog singing on American Bandstand. The Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart’s top 10 hit in the 60s with a song you probably know, and Mean Gene Okerlund’s rockabilly album of the 50s. 

And what better time to do this!? Wrestlemania 40 is happening in Philadelphia and our home base at McCusker’s Tavern is hosting a very special event with our friend and former professional wresting star, The Blue Meanie, who calls McCusker’s his favorite bar on the planet. 

So whatcha gonna do, brother, when the Prisoners of Rock and Roll run wild on you!? 

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