Thanks for joining me for Part 2 of my in-depth interview with music journalist Steve Rosen on his decades-long friendship with Eddie Van Halen, which culminated in Steve’s 2022 book, ‘Tonechaser – Understanding Edward: My 26-Year Journey with Edward Van Halen’. The third edition of the book is coming soon, but you can preorder your copy now at

For more information on Steve Rosen and the Van Halen Fiction Challenge I offered all you Lit Listeners who, like me, are jonesing to get your hands on some novels or short stories or graphic novels featuring the band, check out Part 1 of Episode 45, or email me at I can’t wait to see what you come up with, and if I wind up devoting an episode to Van Halen fiction that you suggested, I’ll give you a shout out in the episode. 

Back to Steve Rosen: In Part 1, Steve and I talked about the genesis of his friendship with Eddie Van Halen, Eddie’s background as a kid immigrating from the Netherlands to America and his devotion to and respect for his father and brother, the idolatry Eddie’s fans feel for him, and the seeds that eventually sprouted into Steve’s book ‘Tonechaser’.

In Part 2, get ready to learn more about Steve’s complicated relationship with Eddie, including the dark turn it took in the early 2000s and how Eddie’s 2020 death still haunts Steve. You’ll also hear about Eddie’s marriage to Valerie Bertinelli and his love for their son, Wolfgang. Finally, Steve shares juicy stories about his journalistic career beyond his work with Van Halen, such as his tumultuous experience interviewing John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin in 1977. 



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