On our show, we often examine bands who make it big on one side of the pond, but for some reason don't hit it big on the other. This week we examine a band that was huge in the US thanks to a hit by a band that was huge in the UK. in 1983, Quiet Riot released Metal Health and, thanks to success of the Slade cover Cum On Feel The Noize, became the first heavy metal album to hit #1 on the Billboard charts. The song hadn't been a hit for Slade in the US but was huge in the UK and Europe. Quiet Riot may have risen to great heights in the US but didn't make much of a dent in the UK.

Beyond the big hit, there are some driving beats and killer riffs provided by Frankie Banali (drums), Rudy Sarzo (bass) and Carlos Cavazo (guitar) on songs like Metal Health and Slick Black Cadillac. But it was the posturing and sleazy lyrics of lead singer Kevin Dubrow that really grabbed people's attention and got the band into some hot water. How has this one stood the test of time after 40 years? We go track by track, have a listen!

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