Terry Reid began performing and touring as a professional at 15 in the UK. As a teenager he opened for The Rolling Stones, Cream and Jethro Tull. He was offered the lead singer spot in Deep Purple from Ritchie Blackmore and introduced Robert Plant to Jimmy Page. He's worked and played with so many people over the years but he's been gigging out with George Kapitanelis and his New Jersey based Cosmic American Derelicts for 15 years. These two have a kinship beyond playing music together (ie a shared love of westerns) and we have a great conversation with them about their new album Bergenfield Blues.

Besides diving into some of the blues meets country with a bit of southern rock we liked on Bergenfield Blues, we got to hear some road stories from Terry and George. From playing Madison Square Garden to getting a call from John Lennon to sitting in the studio with George Michael, Terry giddily shares some fond memories from over half a century in the rock world.

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