Here is the playlist for the 10/24 episode of the Seventh House. Enjoy!

Boris Bedenough- Hey Rocky!

Cell15- Chapter One

Fates Warning- The Way Home
The Harvest- No Return
District 97- Many New Things

Genesis- Match of the Day
Caravan- Golf Girl
Bruce Hornsby- Rainbow's Cadillac

Joe Jackson- Caravan

Bent Knee- Leak Water
Joni Mitchell- Cool Water
Enya- Miss Clare Remembers
Golden Caves- Bring Me to the Water

Pat Metheny- Watercolors

Pendragon- Water
Blackfield- Salt Water

Wendy & Lisa- Waterfall
Melanie Mau and Martin Schnella- Dark Water
Jane Siberry- Sail Across the Water
Tori Amos- Metal Water Wood

Yes- Miracle of Life (the tradition continues....)

Fearless Flyers- Under the Sea
Seu Jorge- Suffragete City

Unitopia- What Kind of World?
Iona- Wind, Water & Fire- Fire

Dan Fogelberg- Ever On