Here it is, Volume 4 of Anointing The Sick's Dirty 30 Stoner Playlist premiering on Halo Of The Goat Radio. Expect fuzz, wah and tons of reverb. Typical of this genre there will be forays into doom, blues and good' ol rock n roll.

Bands featured on this non-curated playlist are ~

AbeuedA                  ~  What Have You Done ( Thrills)
The Bad Light          ~  Black Hole Hum ( Temples)
Cactus Cathedral     ~ The Encounter (The Forgotten Frontier)
Danava                     ~ Nothing But Nothing ( Nothing But Nothing)
Easy Death                ~ Pen ( Nothing Grows Here But Stone And Marrow )
The Fërtility Cült      ~ Into The Sacred Grove (Eschatology)
Galactic Gulag          ~ Eta Orionis ( By The Starts By The Hard Ways)
Hainloose                   ~ Rockamuly ( Rosula)
Ice Dragon                 ~ The Bearded Mage ( Tome Of The Future Ancients)
Jagannatha                ~  Krishna (Jagannatha)
Kafka Rex                   ~  Zeder (Kafka Rex) 
Lacertilia                     ~ Labyrinth ( Calling The Quarters)
Made From Machines ~ The Laughing Clown ( Made From Machines)
Naplava                       ~ Gaskins ( Opposites)
Obiat                            ~ Serpents Rites ( Eye Tree Pi)
Pander                          ~ Deceit ( Break The Oath)
Queen Marsa                ~ I Am The Land ( I Am The Land )
Rail Yard                       ~ Train Of Madness (Rail Yard )
Sahara                           ~ Starship (II)
Tar Hag                         ~ Frozen Prayer (Bestia)
The Ugly Kings             ~ The Fire (Darkness Is My Home)
Valley Of The Sun        ~ Empty Visions (Volume Rock)
Warlung                        ~ The Pilgrim, The Indian And The Witch ( Sleepwalker)
Yellow Dust                   ~ Enter The Exit ( Squid Over Reudnitz)
Zeup                               ~ Days Gone By (Mammals)
Aboleth                          ~ Wovenloaf ( Benthos)
Bagual                           ~ Panteones ( Inhvmar)
Cadaver Exquisito         ~ Todo Mal ( Diagonales )
Dala Sun                        ~ Monokitaro ( Gegenschein )
Easy Killer                      ~ Ten Ton Heartache ( Galactic Sin )