Playlist N°10

Du 2 au 9 mars 2024

Intro : Are You Ready For The Country

Dan Washburn : This Old Barn (Single-2024)

Due West : Only Heart I’m Breaking (Unbroken-2024)

Brody Rivers : Buying My Way To Debt (Stepping Stones-2024)

Sonny Morgan : Girl and Her Truck (Lonely Star State-2024)

Seth James : Victim Of Life’s Circumstances (Lessons-2024)

Elliott Ambrose : Breakfast In Texas (Single-2024)

Jon Pardi : Night Shift (A Cowboy’s Work Is Never Done-2024)

Mackynsie McKedy : Like The Movies (Single-2024)

Hannah Blaylock : Man From Memphis (The Fall & Rise-2024)

Zach Williams : Big Tent Revival (A hundred Highways-2024)

The Castellows : I Know It’ll Never End (A Little Goes A Long Way-2024)

Bo Hoss : Heartbreak To Hide (Saddle Up And Ride-2024)

Mike Donnell : Me You and Mexico (Single-2004)

RayNicole : Book Of Momma And John (Single-2004)

Clay Aery : In a Room With You (Single-2004)

Brian Moon : Train Wreck Love (Single-2004)

Outro : Campfire