Intro : Are You Ready For The Country

August Manley : Sad Songs, Cigarettes and Booze (2024)

Trey Calloway : Neon Lies (Single-2024)

Willow Avalon : Gettin' Rich, Goin' Broke (Single-2024)

Adriana Live : Hard Love To Find (Single-2024)

Rob Jarvis : Buckle Up (Buckle Up-2024)

Hot Texas Swing Band : Rio Grande (Gotta Move-2024)

Jordan Rainer : Painted Horses (Revolver-2024)

William Michael Morgan : The Sun Don’t Shine Anymore In Acapulco (Onto Something-2024)

Craig Wayne Boyd : Let It Ride (Single-2024)

Mark Powell : Undomesticated Me (2024)

Nick Zamora : Whiskey and Roses (Single-2024)

Payton Riley : Not As Much As I Used To (Single-2024)

Cody Jinks : Change The Game (2024)

Deryl Dodd : Sunshine (2024)

Ben McPeak : Hurry Up Whiskey (Single-2024)

Chris Young : Young Love & Saturday Nights (2024)

Outro : Campfire