Intro : Are You Ready For The Country

South of Mayhem : Agree To Disagree (Single-2024)

Cameron James Smith : Burn Holes In Our Boots (Single-2024)

Sierra Ferrell : Fox Hunt (Trail Of Flowers-2024)

Coston Cross : Weekends With You (Single-2024)

Amberlynn Browning : 1977 TransAm (The Sun Studio Sessions-2024)

Mallory Eagle : Runnin' (The Neon Waltz-2024)

James Lann : 40 Miles Down 25 (Ford-2007)

David Adam Byrns : So Far (Country Gonna Be Alright-2024)

Jacob Ryan Marshall : Music Man (Single-2024)

K. Willis M. Carper B. Leigh : A Thousand Ways (Wonder Women of Country-2024)

Kenny Chesney : One More Sunset (Born-2024)

Nilsen's Southern Harmony + Anne Fagermo : A House Of Gold (Single-2024)

Chasen Wayne : No Stranger (Strange Places-2024)

Keller Cox : Out On The Dance Floor (Good Again Amen-2024)

Pat Reedy : Tallest Man in Tennessee (Make It Back Home-2024)

Kylie Frey : So You Think You Want A Cowboy (Single-2024)

Outro : Campfire