Intro : Are You Ready For The Country

Aaron Lewis : Outlaw (The Hill-2024)

Megan Urby : Long Ride (Single-2024)

Todd Barrow : Rockin In The City (Single-2024)

Kylie Frey : Miss Thang (Single-2024)

Christopher Weir : Ten Feet Tall (Single-2024)

Brad Booker : Hold On (Single-2024))

Tylor & The Train Robbers : The Way We Learn (Hum Of The Road-2024)

William Alexander : Blackwood Town (The Singing Stockman-2024)

Jenna Paulette : Fiddle And A Violin (The Girl I Was-2024)

Kimmi Bitter : My Grass is Blue (Old School-2024)

The Whiskey Charmers : There's Black (Single-2024)

Gracie Lane : Doing My Time (2023)

Proud Country : Working Man (Single-2024)

Luke Berryhill : Road To The Show (Single-2024)

Darrell Goldman : Under Your Spell (Single-2024)

Jesse Daniel : Comin' Apart At The Seams (Single-2024)

Outro : Campfire