Intro : Are You Ready For The Country

Ernest : I Went To College, I Went To Jail (feat. Jelly Roll) (2024)

Katelyn Myers –: Traveler (Single-2024)

Flint Thompson : All The Fun (Single-2024)

Lily Unless & The If Onlys : Gotdamn Tennessee (A Real Good Time-2024)

Drew Moreland : Down In Alabama (Single-2024)

The Chickadees : Honey (In The Rain-2024)

John Trahan : Thank God For Kids (Single-2024)

Riley Green : Good Morning From Mexico (Way Out Here-2024)

Kid Nebraska : Taylor Made (Loud and Rude-2024)

Nicolette & The Nobodies : Don't You Dare (The Long Way-2024)

Mary Sarah : Stubborn (Single-2024)

Mary Sarah : Chain Smokin' (Single-2024)

Alex Williams : Old Before My Time (Waging Peace-EQUIBLUES 2024)

Rob Leines : All I Need (Blood Sweat and Beers-EQUIBLUES 2024)

James Lann : Conway Twitty (Single-EQUIBLUES 2024)

James Lann : Damn Strait (Single-EQUIBLUES 2024)

Outro : Campfire