Playlist N°41

Du 3 au 10 octobre 2020

INTRO : KEVIN FOWLER : Mousturdonus

SONNY MORGAN: My Cherie Can Cook (I’m Your Man-2020)

BRENNEN LEIGH: The North Dakota Cowboy (Prairie Love Letters-2020)

D.L. MARBLE: One Line At A Time (One Line At A Time-2020)

VICTORIA BAILEY: Skid Row (Jesus, Red Wine & Patsy Cline-2020)

THE SENSATIONAL COUNTRY BLUES WONDER: Second Fiddle To A Steel Guitar (2020)

BRYAN DAISLEY: Red Mountain (From Dust-2020)

KYLIE FREY: I Do Thing (Single-2020)

JON FOX: Baby Don’t You Leave Me (American Dirt-2020)

MIKE DONNELL: Mr Fix It (The Vier Volume 1-2020)

BEN BOSTICK: Hellfire (Hellfire-2018)

WHITNEY ROSE: Just Circumstances (We Still Go To Rodeos-2020)

JAKE BLOCKER: I’ll Have A New Baby Tonight (Single-2020)

CHRIS MABB: Sisterdale (Cheaper To Drink-2020)

LORRAINE DAVIES: Smoke Screen (A Time For Me-2020)

JASON LEE COOK: Country To The Bone (My Kind Of Country-2020)

THE MERLES: Always Be A Texan (Middle Of The Night-2020)

OUTRO : Campfire