In this episode of The Tour Bus Music Show we sit down with Ekotren Guitarist Keith Finnell. Along with featuring four rocking songs from Ekotren, Keith takes us on a journey from the beginnings of the band to present and talks with us about their growing pains touring, recording experiences, and how the band keeps churning out great music despite that challenges of the modern recording industry and the lackluster economy that all bands are dealing with these days.

Listening to the band's music on ReverbNation is what first called our attention to them. Their playing style along with the voracity of their music grabs you by the bawls and starts slamming your head against the stage. That being said there is also quite a bit of diversity within the songs themselves. One minute you are listening to pounding hurricane of hard rock and the next you are in the eye of the storm with acoustic guitars and pristine harmony vocals and then it takes off into a grandiose mix of powerful chords and melodies and then before you get your bearings it's back to ripping you head off with the pounding drum and guitar assault.

The band has been touring in recent times with groups such as Staind, Chevelle, ill nino, (hed) pe, Powerman 5000, Straight Line Stitch, and Diecast. Their most recent release, The Dead Of Night was produced by Paul Trust and achieved an overall tighter, aggressive, and professionally produced album than it's predecessor. That being said, 2008's Light the Fire was and remains a very good album in it's own right.

We hope you enjoy the interview. You can find more information about Ekotren and purchase their swag by visiting the links below and the ones mentioned in the podcast.