Welcome to episode# 37 of The Tour Bus Music Show. On this episode we will be doing something a little different. We will be featuring the “rebirth” of a band that was very influential on me, T. Mic, years ago when I was just an aspiring musician. The band we will be featuring is a group of musicians that were known around the southern United States and the original line up of Lillian Axe. But this is not the Lillian Axe that released records worldwide, performing in music videos on MTV and toured extensively throughout the 80’s and nineties. This is also not the current ass-kicking group of musicians that are known as the Lillian Axe of today. No, this was the original, hard rocking, take no prisoners, metal in your face 4 man group of Johnny Vines (vocals), Steve Blaze (guitar), Michael Maxx (bass) and Danny King (drums). As a phoenix reborn from the ashes of yesterday the reformed group now known as Circle of Light has recorded and released its current CD “Rebirth”. The album is comprised of 11 tracks of the band’s music from the early days. What is ironic about the album is even though the music was written 25+ years ago it sounds as fresh and timeless as if it were written in the modern rock era. The album was released on August 28, 2012 on CME Records.

The interview that we did with the group was done right after the CD release party at The Howlin’ Wolf in New Orleans on August 11, 2012where they performed a scorching show to a packed house. We covered the performance there as well as having the privilege to see the group in its debut performance ironically opening for Lillian Axe at Fire in Jackson Mississippi a few months before. It was surreal to see a band that had not taken the stage together since the mid 1980’s come out not only sounding as good as they did back in the day, but even better with their audience singing along to every lyric even though they hadn’t heard these songs in over two decades…amazing. Both times we saw the group the completely obliterated the audience with their energy. pounding riffs, scorching solos, and a rhythm section that could give a fleet of pile drivers and jackhammers run for their money. Along with the interview we feature four cuts off of the album in a show that comes in at just over 40 minutes.

This has been a reunion a long time coming with fans waiting in the wings for it to happen. They played the anthems that rocked a generation of young southern fans in the eighties and all the while infecting the modern youth with nothing less than pure heavy metal made up of sweat, rock and 180 proof steel string poison.  Sufficient to say “The Boys Are Back In Town” and hopefully won’t be going away anytime soon!

Check Them Out At: http://www.reverbnation.com/circleoflight

You can purchase their new album: Circle Of Light – Rebirth through Amazon by clicking on the links below:

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