We’ve got a great podcast show for you today. But it’s not for the timid, we’ve got Rana Freilich (Rana Frellich) and James Robinson from the New Zealand (by way of Texas) hard rock band Legacy Of Disorder. Legacy of Disorder wrapped their tour with shock rockers GWAR at the end of April and immediately hit the road again, this time touring with Fear Factory throughout May of 2012. Their sophomore album is titled “Last Man Standing” was produced by Sterling Winfield (Pantera, Damageplan and Hell Yeah) and hit the #1 position on the Most Added Record on CMJ’s Metal Radio Chart this past spring!

To explain what this means I’ll quote a recent press release: The band scored 55 new adds, which means that in a week-long span, Legacy of Disorder impacted their album, 'Last Man Standing,' at radio, and more college stations reported it in their top five official adds than any other record added to new rotation. To put it in perspective, this is difficult for a well-established band to do, much less an up-and-coming one!

The bands lineup is:

·         James Robinson – Vocals

·         Rana Frellich – Guitars

·         Jason Keill – Bass

·         Matt Thompson – Drum

The band has been on a break-neck tour schedule for the earlier part of this year and has quite a bit more planned for later in 2012. In this podcast interview, T. Mic talks with Rana and James about the history of the band, the production of their newest album and digs in deep to really find out what makes this band tick, We talk about their recent tours with GWAR and Fear Factory and we take a look ahead at what in the near future for this hard rocking band from New Zealand.

We’ll also feature several tracks from their album “Last Man Standing” that is due to be released to the public in August 2012 including Last Man Standing, Treading The Tainted Path, Break and Hell Tonight.

The Full Track Listing For “Last Man Standing” is:

1.    Thorns

2.    Punish All

3.    March To The Death

4.    Last Man Standing

5.    Treading The Tainted Path

6.    Break

7.    Hell Tonight

8.    Impaler

9.    Warrior Gene

10. Came To Fight

It’s very easy to search for information on Legacy Of Disorder’s tour schedule, other interviews and news on the band; but for your convenience, we have provided links to the band’s sites below:

Legacy Of Disorder Official Web Site

Legacy Of Disorder Merchandise

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