Welcome everyone around the world back to this episode of The Tour Bus Music Show. I’m T. Mic and I’ll be your host as we once again take this journey into the world of rock music. In this episode we’ll be sitting down for and interview and some great music with Digital Summer. Digital Summer (www.digitalsummer.net) hails from Phoenix, Arizona and has been a great example of what a band can accomplish when determination, passion and a plan can do to drive a band’s success in today’s music industry. Regular rotation of their music on major market terrestrial radio, and on Sirius Satellite Radio’s Octane 20, becoming one of the top drawing unsigned acts in the southwest and sharing the stage with major acts such as Alice In Chains, Godsmack, Deftones, Sevendust, Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch and the list goes on. Add to that their unique way of balancing a successful music career and professional personal careers concurrently makes this band a unique and exceptional talent as well. The band has released four independent albums since 2007

·        Cause and Effect in 2007

·        Hollow in 2008

·        Counting The Hours in 2010

·        And their most recent  album Breaking Point in 2012

Their sound is edgy, modern and continues to draw a growing legion of fans everywhere they go. In this show we’ll delve into the history of the group, talk about the members and their passion for music that has brought them to where they are, their experiences, what is currently going on with the band and talk about what’s next for them in the group’s future. We’ll also feature tracks from their past four album releases.

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