Matt Pike, Grammy winning guitarist, musician, songwriter of Sleep and High on Fire, joins us to talk vinyl records, the rise of Sleep, involvement with Third Man Records, his new LP "Pike vs The Automaton" and more.

Topics include:

  • Pike vs the Automaton
  • Matt’s record collection
  • How important were records in your youth?
  • Recording direct to the master at Third Man
  • Have you ever met Tony Iommi?
  • Matt’s musical heroes
  • Living in the Bay Area during the thrash metal scene
  • Sleep’s transition to long songs
  • Playing slow and heavy in the thrash scene
  • The tension and energy of frequencies, the brown note
  • The initial rejection of Dopesmoker
  • Matt takes a bong hit
  • Does Matt sometimes smoke too much?
  • The growing popularity of Dopesmoker
  • Deciding to get Sleep back together
  • Do the Sleep tapes exist?
  • Sleep’s live album from 2012
  • Getting involved with Third Man Records
  • Recording of and label negotiations for “The Sciences”
  • Sleep’s Third Man Vault project
  • Will there be more Sleep?
  • The vinyl readiness of “Pike vs the Automaton
  • The writing of “Pike vs the Automaton
  • Touring and 2022 plans
  • Matt’s influence on modern Metal
  • Weird stuff in Matt’s house
  • Wrap up

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