Record Collector and Vinyl Ambassador Michael Fremer joins us to talk record collecting, discuss the state of the vinyl industry, the relaunch of Tracking Angle and lots more.

Topics include:

  • Interview start
  • Current process for purchasing records
  • The guilt of having so many records
  • Absorbing and reviewing records
  • Restarting Tracking Angle & YouTube Channel
  • Hanging onto originals vs reissues
  • Does he sell records?
  • Special records in Michael’s collection
  • Paul McCartney’s ‘Flaming Pie’ limited vinyl
  • A letter from Brian May
  • What happens to his collection after he dies?
  • Are we in a vinyl bubble?
  • Buying, selling, then re-buying records
  • Records we regret passing up
  • What’s the most Michael has spent on a record?
  • What will the vinyl industry look like after the supply chain catches up?
  • Vinyl benefits fuelling the vinyl resurgence
  • New pressing plant investments around the world
  • What is the current weak link in the vinyl production supply chain?
  • Key suppliers for record stylus manufacturing
  • Comparing record production from the ‘golden age’ and today
  • Michael’s thoughts on HD Vinyl
  • The long-term vinyl impacts of the Universal Music Fire
  • DMM equipment and the Church of Scientology
  • Recalling vinyl quality over time
  • Are early pressings in a stamping cycle sold at a premium?
  • Interview wrap up

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