Turntablist and innovator Lucas MacFadden, aka Cut Chemist, has spent decades seeking records around the world and evolving the turntable into an instrument of vast possibilities. Today he takes us through some particularly insightful perspectives and tales of cratedigging and record collecting adventures.

Topics include:

  • Discussing “Let It Be” records in Minneapolis’ warehouse of records
  • What records is he still looking for
  • Does he enjoy digging or shopping off Discogs?
  • How many records does he buy each week?
  • Is he fussed about NM vs VG+?
  • What will happen to Cut Chemist’s record collection after he passes?
  • How he organizes his records
  • Does he feel a lot of pressure when doing a DJ set?
  • How much of a DJ set is preplanned and what is improvised?
  • Times when things have gone wrong
  • How many records does he travel with now?
  • Cut’s ill-fated story of trying to de-warp a record
  • Does he think we are in a vinyl bubble?
  • How he gets a lot of promo and test pressings
  • “The records know who they want to go home with”
  • Repairing records / Fixing scratches
  • What’s the weirdest thing he’s ever found in a record?
  • Deciding which records to bring home during a large dig
  • Buying records in bulk
  • Crate digging in Brazil
  • Spending time listening/analysing the records he’s brought home
  • Finding a 2nd record to beat juggle
  • Working with sample license fees, etc
  • The process for making “Die Cut
  • “A Stable Sound” club on Bandcamp
  • The current size of his record collection
  • Selling records with provenance
  • Interview wrap up
  • Book Cut Chemist for a candlelight set

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