Nick Oliveri of Stöner, Mondo Generator, Dwarves & formerly of Kyuss & QOTSA joins us to discuss his passion for collecting records, playing vinyl, chasing rare pressings, updates on new recordings, tours & more!

Topics include:

  • Nick’s making up for lack of touring during Covid
  • Stöner 2022 Australian Tour
  • Nick’s record collection
  • Nick has occasionally sold records
  • Obtaining an original 13th Floor Elevators
  • Nick is a record nerd, knows the details
  • How does Nick care for his records?
  • What was Nick’s 1st record?
  • What does Nick listen to on an average day?
  • What is Nick’s Asteroid Record (final vinyl on Earth)
  • Nick and re-issues and boxsets
  • Is Nick a completist for some artists? Black Sabbath Born Again
  • Collecting multiple copies or certain titles
  • Visiting record stores on the road
  • What’s the most expensive record Nick ever bought for himself?
  • Releasing his music on vinyl is important
  • Nick kept a lot of records form his youth
  • Does Stöner tour w vinyl on the merch table
  • Forming and recording w Stoner
  • Playing live w Stöner and other projects / wild shows
  • Update on Dwarves new album
  • Update on Mondo Generator
  • Nick getting Kraftwerk’s autograph
  • Interview wrap up

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