Mike Portnoy (Winery Dogs, Sons of Apollo, ex Dream Theatre) joins us to talk about his record collection, rare vinyl of his career, his approach to his music collection, meeting Beatles, working with legends of music, the new Winery Dogs LP and more.

Topics include:

  • Mike’s record room
  • We are not a gossip podcast
  • Did the band know The Winery Dogs III would be made?
  • Mike’s dog Mickey joins the interview
  • Making The Winery Dogs III LP
  • Richie’s vocals are incredible
  • How involved is Mike after basic tracks are done?
  • When is the vinyl version coming out?
  • Why Mike separates old records from new ones
  • Mike collects different formats – 8-track talk
  • Mike’s listening preference is MP3s
  • The most precious records of Mike’s collection
  • Mike’s autographed vinyl records
  • Mike met Paul and Ringo
  • Having a conversation with Paul McCartney
  • Mike loves his boxsets
  • What’s the most Mike ever paid for a record?
  • Where does Mike shop for records?
  • Mike’s conversations with Kevin Gilbert
  • The collectability of The Winery Dogs vinyl
  • Will the prior Winery Dogs albums be reissued on vinyl?
  • Working with Storm Thorgerson on album covers
  • Dream Theatre logo changed for the Storm Thorgerson album covers
  • Earliest bands - Mike’s band “Rising Power”
  • The Winery Dogs 2023 tour
  • Mike’s vinyl videos on YouTube
  • Does Mike get vinyl deliveries all the time?
  • The rarest record of Mike’s career
  • What records of his career is he missing?
  • Interview wrap up

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