Steve Turner of Mudhoney has been chasing vinyl for years - today he discusses his record collection, the amazing finds, the rare records of Mudhoney, early days of Subpop, the new LP "Plastic Eternity" and lots more.

Topics include:

  • Interview intro
  • Mudhoney 2023 Australia dates
  • Recording “Plastic Eternity
  • Does Mudhoney have control of their catalogue?
  • The upcoming Mudhoney Box Set
  • Jack Endino recent Soundgarden Ultramega OK remix
  • What’s up with the Mudhoney master tapes?
  • Steve’s record collection – buying self-released singles
  • Steve replaces super rarities with reissues
  • Steve and Jeff Ahmet have been purchasing Windham Hill records
  • What Psychedelic and punk record collectors move to
  • Steve prefers 7” records, especially for DJing
  • Mark like making an album
  • Upcoming Australia-only single from Tym records
  • Steve’s involvement in record colours, numbers, etc
  • Working at Cascade Record Pressing plant
  • Dan Peters is surpassing Steve’s enthusiasm for records
  • Buying records while on tour
  • The current prices of punk records
  • Jackie Shark and the Beach Butchers single
  • The most special records in Steve’s collection
  • What’s the most you’ve ever spent on a record?
  • He’s still finding deals on records
  • Giving his original Misfits single to Tom Hazelmyer
  • Did records ever become a problem?
  • Steve’s records are quite organized
  • The holy grails he’s looking for
  • The Victims reissues, shows w Ray Ahn
  • Steve’s early Subpop test pressings
  • The story of the Subpop Singles Club
  • The rare “Touch Me I’m Sick” colours
  • Rejected test pressings
  • Nirvana Bleach misprints / missing tracks
  • Collecting Mudhoney international releases
  • Starting Super-Electro Records
  • Putting out Mudhoney records on Super Electro with unclear permissions
  • Tales and sales of Super Electro Records
  • Mudhoney / Subpop / Warner get along well
  • Melvins / Mudhoney – White Lazy Boy session
  • We all love Melvins
  • Melvins “Leech” was based on an early Green River song
  • Interview wrap up

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