Kid Congo Powers (The Cramps, The Gun Club, Nic Cave & the Badseeds) talks about his record collection, as well as the many stories of his life as outlined in his new book "Some New Kind of Kick".

Topics include:

  • Joining the Gun Club, flying to Australia with 24 hours notice
  • Writing his book "Some New Kind of Kick"
  • His preferred state in writing songs
  • Nick Cave liked to keep people on edge
  • Growing up with his sister’s records
  • Records and radio in Los Angeles
  • Memories of Dr Demento
  • Early record purchases
  • The first song he absolutely loved
  • He didn’t think of himself as a musician
  • Taking the Ramones record shopping
  • Forming The Gun Club
  • Early memories of seeing The Cramps
  • His memories of living with The Screamers
  • Keith Morris gave The Gun Club their band name
  • Alternate names for The Gun Club
  • Kid Congo writes "Fire of Love" then joins The Cramps
  • “Would you cut your finger off to join The Cramps?”
  • Preparation and rehearsal for “Psychedelic Jungle”
  • IRS Records had big plans for The Cramps
  • Kid Congo felt very welcome in The Cramps
  • Memories of Lux and Ivy’s record collection
  • Kid Congo loves 45rpm records
  • Where does Kid Congo Powers go record shopping?
  • What’s the most he’s ever paid for a single record?
  • What are the most collectible records of the Kid Congo universe?
  • The Gun Club reissues are pulled from the original masters
  • Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds – Five Greasy Pieces
  • How did The Cramps react to bootleggers?
  • Memories with Tex Perkins
  • Interview wrap up

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