J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr, Heavy Blanket, Witch & more discusses his vinyl collection, his history of collecting punk rock 7" singles, making his first record "Deep Wound", the latest Heavy Blanket LP "Moon Is" and more.

Topics include:

  • J’s record collection
  • What kind of genres are in J’s record collection?
  • The music of J and his siblings
  • J’s discovery of punk records
  • The early punk scene of Amherst
  • Getting import records from England
  • Eater and Velvet Underground
  • Recollections of making the Deep Wound 45
  • The collectability of the Deep Wound single
  • Punk records now going for big money
  • Leaving Nirvana “Love Buzz” single at a party
  • Chasing the Sounds Magazine 100 Best Punk Songs
  • J’s approach to record collecting
  • Physical reactions to music, bad reissues
  • The records that are especially precious to J
  • Getting emotional by listening to Negative Approach
  • The multiple pressings of Poison Idea “Pick Your King”
  • Are sleeves and lyric sheets important?
  • What’s the most J paid for a record?
  • Seeing and meeting The Wipers
  • Dinosaur on SST, name change
  • Recollections of Homestead Records
  • Getting tapes back from early Dinosaur / Dinosaur Jr albums
  • What was damaged when their studio caught fire?
  • Would J like to remix any older Dinosaur Jr albums?
  • Heavy Blanket- working with Outer Battery
  • Does J like colourful vinyl pressings?
  • Is J chasing any Holy Grails?
  • Memories of Misfits records
  • Witch coming to Australia
  • Interview wrap up

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