Louise Post wrote her new solo LP "Sleepwalker" in a house full of records. Today she shares about the music memories of her youth, the rare records of her career, current and upcoming reissues of Veruca Salt music, the rights and master tapes, upcoming Sleepwalker tour and more.

Topics include:

  • Early affection & memories of records in her life
  • Shooting the cover of “Sleepwalker” LP
  • Louise & her husband have a lot of records in her house
  • First records Louise bought with her own money
  • Her first concert “The Cars”
  • Influences for become a musician
  • Sleepwalker sounds like a new direction
  • Any issues with the name “Veruca Salt”?
  • Who owns the rights to Veruca Salt Music?
  • Most Veruca Salt master tapes have been destroyed
  • Upcoming reissue of “Blow It Out Your Ass”
  • How does she compare the Veruca Salt / Veruca Starship eras?
  • Would she ever reissue “Resolver” on vinyl?
  • Leading up to “Ghost Notes”
  • “The Museum of Broken Relationships” RSD Release
  • Louise always wanted to see her music on record
  • Different vinyl colours of the “Seether” single
  • A limited white label “Museum” 7” for tour release
  • The status of the “Velveteen” record label
  • Story of the “But I Love You Without Mascara” EP
  • Depeche Mode cover of “Somebody”
  • Preparing to tour for “Sleepwalker”
  • Interview wrap up

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