For decades collectors of comic books, coins & sportscards have protected their collectibles by having them professionally graded & slabbed. The team behind Vintage Media Grading (VMG) shares how their process can be a gamechanger for vinyl record collectors.

Topics include:

  • Vinyl grading is tricky – why use VMG?
  • VMG Grading comes from Goldmine standard
  • Using best practices from Baseball Cards & Comic Book gradings
  • Walking through the grading process
  • Supplying info, provenance, etc
  • What would get rejecting for rating?
  • How other industries get graded (paintings, cards)
  • Is there an appeals process for a grade?
  • The difficulty in getting a “10” grading
  • Grading is consistent no matter the rarity
  • 12” records now, 7” and 10” under development
  • Can they do double or triple LPs?
  • What about inserts, special LP additions, etc
  • Ability to change album details if new information arises
  • Vinyl has much more complexity than other graded items
  • VMG Focuses only on facts, cannot state assumptions
  • How VMG labels promotional copies
  • Their sources for determining authentic pressings and info
  • Not relying on crowd-sourced materials
  • Does VMG do play-testing?
  • Hot-stampers may not be right for VMG
  • The impact of the plastic case on records and covers
  • Can the plastic case be opened?
  • Autographed records, backstage passes, etc
  • Will they work with acetates and test pressings?
  • Working with international customers
  • Best practices for shipping to VMG
  • How are the records handled through the grading process
  • Length of time the grading process takes
  • Not just collectible records but personally important records
  • Interview wrap up

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