Ed Kuepper shares the story of The Saints landmark single "(I'm) Stranded", an upcoming boxset and alternate album mix of their debut LP, forming Laughing Clowns. Prince Melon Records and the reissue plans for his solo catalogue.

Topics include:

  • Is Ed a record collector?
  • Reissuing "Electrical Storm" & "Honey Steal’s Gold" on vinyl
  • Going into "Electrical Storm" 1st solo LP
  • Discovering an unreleased album
  • The master tapes were safe
  • How The Saints made “I’m Stranded” on Fatal Records
  • The master tape of “I’m Stranded” no longer exists
  • Power Exchange Records release of “I’m Stranded”
  • The cost of shipping records to magazines around the world
  • What did The Saints think would happen with the 1st record?
  • Getting initial reviews, global feedback on record
  • The breadth of the Power Exchange agreement
  • Upcoming reissue of The Saints “I’m Stranded” single August 2
  • “I’m Stranded” boxset and alternate mix
  • The story of the album cover of “I’m Stranded”
  • How does Ed look back on those early Saints albums?
  • Background on the name “Fatal Records
  • Forming Laughing Clowns and Prince Melon Records
  • Inspiring other bands to create their own records
  • The collectability of the original single
  • “Character Assassination” white vinyl
  • Blowback from the Sex Pistols EMI feud
  • Being on the Harvest record label
  • Was “Prehistoric Sounds” a struggle to release?
  • Signed to Sire – Did The Saints tour the US?
  • Any material difficult to reissue?
  • Ed has a stack of Yellow Fontana label records
  • Interview wrap up

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